Transgender Hair Removal

A very large part of our clientele are transgender patients requiring permanent hair removal of the beard and/or preparation for GRS.

Our office is very LGBT friendly and is dedicated to providing electrolysis in a calm, tranquil and judgement-free environment.

We work directly with Kaiser Permanente to bill them directly if it’s a medically necessary procedure authorized by your healthcare provider.

Male to Female

We offer facial hair removal through electrolysis for transgender women. It generally takes about 100 to 400 hours of treatment time (some need even more, or less).

We also offer genital hair removal in preparation for GRS (vaginoplasty and/or labiaplasty) in a discreet comfortable private setting. Your comfort is our priority.

Female to Male

In preparation for the Phalloplasty, electrolysis is recommended to remove hair from the donor sites. Commonly, the forearm or thigh are used as donor sites.