Transgender, sexual reassignment surgery

(SRS) sexual reassignment surgery

This area seems to generate controversy. Hair grows in cycles of 13 weeks so generally cannot be cleared at the time of surgery If you wish to have a truly hair-free vagina, pre-operative hair removal is highly recommended. Electrolysis is the traditional method if laser is not available to you due to blond or light hair. There are many reasons one considers hair removed from the genital region of ones body.

The recommended locations are:

  1. The Scrotal Sac (Most important. Follicles will be scraped and zapped during surgery, but hair growth cycles prevent surgeons from getting all of the dormant hair.
  2. The central 2/3 of the scrotum is most important. Leave some along the sides for scar cover-up. You many wish to taper the bottom portion down to a point 1” above the anus.
  3.  The Penile Shaft (important) the penile shaft and the scrotal areas that are most important as there are uniformly utilized to create the female vagina. so plan ahead, you will need multiple treatments over a 6 month period to ensure effective and permanent hair removal.